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BRC updates

Latest guidance from BRC received 6th January 2021:

No BRC activities will be permitted during National Lockdown.  The only exception to this is virtual activities, such as virtual dressage competitions. 

This advice from BRC follows the government's announcement that the whole of England would move to National Lockdown from 5th January.  See the update below for more details.

 BRC Update  06.01.21                                             

Earlier guidance from BRC received 2nd June 2020:  BRC Official Update  COVID-19 Update

Datasheet on resuming sport                          Template risk assessment

Received 8th June:  Rescheduling of the Novice and Intermediate 2020 Championships

Rescheduled 2020 Novice and Intermediate Championships FAQs

BRC Official Update 16.06.20

BRC Update 24.06.20

BRC Update 03.07.20

BRC Update 13.07.20

BRC Update 16.07.20

Non-member COVID-19 Event Declaration Form

BRC Update 23.09.20

BRC Update 21.12.20