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AGM 2019

 2018 Performance Results

Claire Hinitt, RDA (Woodbridge) presented the trophies and rosettes.


Points competition

Juniors          1st      Leah Banham                    Paddy

                   2nd     Ashlee Banham                  Diddy 


Seniors         1st      Elspeth MacFadyen          Oatfield Charlie

                    2nd     Glen Marney                      Moss

                    3rd      Maggie Connick                  Lucy Lockett

                    4th     Gill Wiggins                        Basil

                   5th     Sophia Richards                   Darcy

                   6th      Karen Richards                    Darcy


All Rounder competition

 Juniors          1st      Leah Banham                    Paddy

                     2nd      Ashlee Banham                  Diddy           

                    3rd      Ashlee Banham                   Dolly            


Seniors         1st     Elspeth MacFadyen           Oatfield Charlie

                     2nd      Maggie Connick                  Lucy Lockett

                    3rd     Gill Wiggins                         Basil

                     4th     Karen Richards                   Darcy

                     4th     Sophia Richards                 Buddy

                     4th     Glen Marney                       Moss


Everyone who had ridden for SRC in any Team event was also presented with a Team Members special Rosette:  Karen, Glen, Julia, Elspeth, Stephanie, Gill, Sarah, Claire, Maggie, Sophia

The All Rounder trophies had been very kindly donated by Mandy Leek as a reward given to credit for hard work competing in as many disciplines as possible, therefore rewarding members who try new events and have fun with their Horses/Ponies.

SRC are very grateful to Mandy for these lovely trophies

For the photos of our trophy and rosette winners click the link