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AGM 2020

Our AGM 2020 was held on 22nd February 2020 at Stonham Aspal village Hall starting at 7.00pm.

Click for the agenda and minutes for the AGM 2019 

Rosettes and trophies were presented to members who took part in our Points and Allrounder competitions.  (See more info on these competitions by clicking here.)  Photos of our winners can be found by clicking on the following link:


Margaret Walton  presented the rosettes.

Presentation of Points competition


1st      Mia Flatman                      Muggle Wump

2nd      Leah Banham                    Penny

3rd      Leah Banham                    Paddy

4nd     Ashlee Banham                Dolly

5th      Mia Flatman                       Elliot

5th      Brieya Whitmore               Bryn


1st      Elspeth MacFadyen          Oatfield Charlie

2nd     Gill Wiggins                       Basil

3rd      Dawn Farnish                    Tiny             

4th     Sarah Lummis                   Jazz

5th     Karen Richards                  Darcy

6th      Sophia Richards                 Darcy


Presentation of All Rounder Trophies


1st      Mia Flatman                      Muggle Wump

2nd      Ashlee Banham                 Dolly

3rd     Leah Banham                    Penny           

4th     Leah Banham                    Paddy

5th     Brieya Whitmore               Bryn

6th      Mia Flatman                       Elliot


1st      Gill Wiggins                       Basil

2nd      Bob Jones                          Dunken

3rd     Sarah Lummis                   Jazz

4th     Elspeth MacFadyen          Oatfield Charlie                                   

 5th     Karen Richards                  Darcy

5th      Sophia Richards                 Darcy

5th      Dawn Farnish                     Tiny

 Everyone who had ridden for SRC in any Team event was also presented with a Team Members special Rosette:  Karen, Sophia, Julia, Elspeth, Stephanie, Gill, Maggie, Larissa, Bob